Davis: Priorities in a race-charged culture

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By Laurel Davis
Special to Inside The Pew

Editor’s note: This article originally appears in its full length on Laurel’s blog, The Reluctant First Lady (http://www.reluctantfirstlady.com/all-souls-matter) under the title, “7 Reasons Why My Faith, Not My Race, Comes First.”

My two young adult sons have been called “nigger” too many times in their […] Continue Reading…

Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy announces 23 Blast Bowl viewing parties

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23 Blast teaser

Special to Inside The Pew

LOS ANGELES – Super Bowl-winning coach and All Pro Dad national spokesperson, Tony Dungy, recently announced the 23 Blast Bowl in

Mark Hapka, left, and Alexa Vega

conjunction with the family-friendly drama – currently the No. 1 sports movie on iTunes and available now on […] Continue Reading…

Pastors, faith leaders from around country gather in Dallas to promote racial healing

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Photo by Max Faulkner, Star-Telegram

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST and the ASSIST News Service

DALLAS, TX – A racially, denominationally, geographically and generationally diverse representation of nearly 100 pastors, civic and faith-leaders from across the country gathered for an unprecedented summit on racial reconciliation at The Potter’s House in Dallas on January 15.

Convened by Bishops […] Continue Reading…

Bradshaw: The draft

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American Sniper

By Sherry Bradshaw
Special to Inside The Pew

On Friday, 4 out of 5 of our family members saw “American Sniper” on the opening night of the movie. While homeschooling Brewer and Thomas in middle school, their favorite subject was history. I distinctly remember Brewer being home on Sept. 11, 2001. […] Continue Reading…

CBN reporter in voluntary Ebola quarantine; Pham back in Dallas after release from Md. facility

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George Thomas

By Dan Wooding
Founder, ASSIST Ministries

BETHESDA, MD (ANS) — CBN News’ George Thomas revealed Oct. 24 that he has placed himself in a 21-day ebola quarantine after reporting from Liberia.

On his Facebook page, Thomas said, “I am 99.99 percent sure I’m Ebola-free but out of an abundance of caution for […] Continue Reading…

Davis: 7 confessions of a Bible-toting, scripture-quoting Christian

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By Laurel J. Davis
Special to Inside The Pew

I was called out once for being “one of those Bible-toting scripture-quoting Christians.” Crazy thing is, it was by a fellow Christian! My immediate response was, “Aren’t you?”  I didn’t take it personally, though. Sure, I got the “twang.” But it’s a […] Continue Reading…

Shape what your Father gave ya!: Dove Foundation gives seal of approval to exercise DVD

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Shazzy feature

By Tonya Whitaker
Inside The Pew

Kristy McCarley is not one to question God, but she still finds it hard to believe that she – a woman with two engineering degrees and a limited choreography background – has produced two well-received exercise DVD’s.

Two years ago, McCarley, founder and CEO of Shazzy […] Continue Reading…