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Lee: Frame your world by the inspired Word of heavenly Father

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By Donald Lee
Special to Inside The Pew

As children of the Most High God, we’ve been empowered by Him, our heavenly Father, to function in this earth in the supernatural, in ways that

Donald Lee

Donald Lee

supersede natural or earthly abilities and that surpass human comprehension.

While this statement may interfere with the theology of many people, the few who actually get this — and who search the scriptures and study the Word diligently — will find themselves discovering a whole other world coming alive to them.

They’ll begin to perceive things that they couldn’t perceive or sense before; they’ll begin to see themselves as who God, our Father, created them to be — supernatural beings clad in natural (or earthly) bodies. Their way of thinking becomes transfigured — revolutionized. And there’s an uncanny boldness (see Ephesians 3:12; Acts 4:13) that comes upon them.

It is with this new-found level of understanding of our relationship with our God — our Daddy — that revelation knowledge takes up residence within our inward man. And with this information, we learn how to flow in this earth as our Daddy commands.

Hebrews 11:3 says: Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. (In your private study time, read slowly and meditate on each verse in the 11th chapter of Hebrews. Each shares how God moved on the behalf of those who put their faith into practice.)

Now, let’s get back to this third verse in Hebrews 11. What’s key here is that we see in scripture that “the worlds” were “framed” by the Word of God. Everything we see and can’t see, everything both in this visible world and the invisible world, the things we can understand and the things we cannot: Everything was created by God’s Word.

In the natural (realm), if we want to build a house, we’ve got get lumber from somewhere, right? We’ve got to pay a contractor — things like that. This is an example of us framing our world by our words with things that do appear. In order for us to build a house, the lumber we need is already here; it’s tangible; we can see it; it exists. So does the contractor.

But all of these things were created by God from nothing. He spoke them and they appeared. The Holy Spirit reminds us that God created us to be just like Him (Genesis 1:26). He loves us. He has adopted us as His children through the works of Jesus.  Since we have crowned Him as Lord and Savior of our lives, we now operate in His splendor.

Turn to John 1:1-14. Read the first 14 verses (King James Version), but start off by emphasizing the first three: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.

The same three verses in the Amplified Bible say: In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.

Jesus is the Word. Jesus was the Word of God made flesh. In other Words, the Word of God dwelt among the people here in the earth, in the person of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the sent One of God. We see the will of God through the example of His Word, Jesus the Christ. We’ve accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our mandate now, the charge that the Christ, the Word of God, has given us is to allow Him, the Word of God, to be expressed through us.

We are made up of flesh and blood, right? When Christ was here, He came in the “flesh.” He had a fleshly body, an earthly, mortal body. Yet people were able to read the Word of God and know the will of God through the example that He laid out before us with His walk. Thus, He was the Word of God, the will of God, made flesh. We now must be the Word of God made flesh, just as Christ was the Word who dwelt in the earth in the flesh.

Don’t cringe. The Spirit is saying that the Word of God abides in us. Therefore, we must be living examples here in the earth for others to see. The thing is not for them to see us and try to live like us, but to see Christ in us and begin to live their lives in and for Him.

Donald Lee is founder-pastor of Kingdom Living Christian Center in Dallas. To hear his sermons live, call (218) 862-4590 (conference code: 279498#) at 10 a.m. (CST) Sundays and 7 p.m. Thursdays. KLCC has plans for a “Cowboy Church” ministry. Plans for this ministry, coming soon, call for it to be held once a month at a location to be announced.

Five Feet Twenty has spiritual health of doctors, business leaders in mind

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By Jim Lange
Special to Inside The Pew

Jim Lange is founder of Five Feet Twenty, a business that serves business and ministry leaders. Five Feet Twenty serves its clients through:Lange_photo5

  • Books that help others to grow in their walk with Jesus (Bleedership: Biblical First-Aid for Leaders and Calming The Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World – for more information and some free resources go to;
  • A monthly magazine for Christian doctors and business owners that they provide to those they serve as a way to minister to them (to receive a free copy, go to;
  • Monthly Truth@Work roundtable meeting to help business and ministry leaders to grow their organizations in a Godly way while at the same time, helping them to grow personally and spiritually.

Why did you create your business?

“I began my business simply because the Lord led me to. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d be doing what I am doing now, but I feel like the most blessed person on the planet that I get to do what I do.”

What is the one scripture (or two) that you draw strength from?

“Matthew 6:33 and Psalm 62:1-2”

Share the best advice you can share with an entrepreneur?

“Don’t lose focus on what God has called you to do. Keep your eyes on Jesus!”

Have an interesting tidbit about your business or yourself that you would like to add?

“The name of my business (Five Feet Twenty) comes from my height. I am rather tall and get asked often how tall I am and I respond, “I’m five feet twenty.” That equates to six feet eight inches.”

Visit Lange’s blog at Read more inspiring stories from Christian business owners at and click the “business” header. To feature your business or to make a suggestion, email

Biadasz blessed beyond measure with publishing company

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Peter Biadasz

By Peter Biadasz
Special to Inside The Pew

Total Publishing And Media is an author-owned book publishing company based in Tulsa, Okla. Biadasz (pronounced bee-ahd-ish) is thePeter Biadasz founder and author of “Write Your First Book.” The company is the total resource for the writing, publishing and marketing of books.

Why did you create your business?

“After my 10th book as an author was published, I was looking for another publishing company. After connecting with someone in my network, I was able to acquire the company which is now Total Publishing And Media.”

What is the one scripture (or two) that you draw strength from?

“Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

Share the best advice you can share with an entrepreneur?

“Prayer and persistence is key.  Understand the gifts and talents you have been blessed with and the take ownership by being a good steward of what God has blessed you with. Finally, we have been given too to give to others. Give more than you receive in service, product, support, etc.”

Have an interesting tidbit about your business or yourself that you would like to add?

“Total Publishing has grown through God-given referrals.  He constantly reminds me who is REALLY in charge by presenting me with authorsTotal Publishing And Media who I would have never know about but for them being pointed to me from a variety of sources. Therefore I do not have to market, just pray and be a good steward over the company.”

Learn more about Biadasz’s book publishing company at to have your business featured on our Pew Business spotlight? Send us an email expressing interest to

La. nonprofit job assistance program expands to 200 faith-based charities

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Special to Inside The Pew

MATAWAN, N.J.–  It was an innovative idea that took shape just two years ago, a faith-based non-profit utilizing iCIMS’ Recruit ApplicantICIMS Tracking System (ATS) as a job placement database, allowing the state’s unemployed to have access to a listing of available jobs through local ministries in the area. Now, iCIMS is proud to report its customer, Faith Employee’s Employment Data (FEED), is expanding its program.

“The response has been amazing. Our church participation has grown by leaps and bounds, from just 13 churches when we first started to nearly 250,” said FEED CEO, Bill Stanton, “The iCIMS Talent Platform has helped us provide a strong and robust job placement database to churches and businesses throughout Southern Louisiana. Local businesses love the idea. By the end of 2013, we expect to have a total of 480 businesses in our network. Our goal is to cover most of Louisiana by summer and possibly expand to other states.”

FEED worked with iCIMS Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses, FEEDto create a uniquely configured Talent Platform that acts as a job placement database. The database connects the unemployed and underemployed of FEED affiliated faith-based organizations with participating businesses that post job openings.

“Thanks to the success of the program and the number of new churches signing on, we predict job fulfillment will increase by more than 400 percent this year,” Stanton said.

Each participating employer organization is given system access to post job openings as well as filter through the pool of candidates who have applied for positions. In turn, the unemployed and underemployed can search and apply for jobs by submitting resumes, employment applications, and cover letters through an online career portal.

“We are so proud to have the opportunity to work with FEED to help create the ideal platform aimed at decreasing the unemployment rate in Louisiana,” said Adam Feigenbaum, CEO and iCARE Ambassador at iCIMS. “Because iCIMS Talent Platform is a highly configurable SaaS solution, we were able to customize FEED’s account to fit their unique workflow and allow multiple faith-based organizations and participating businesses to access the platform at the same time. As FEED expands, we will be there to accommodate their growth and ensure their efforts are successful.”

To find out more about FEED’s efforts visit

Tanielle: Separated by denomination

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Niya Tenielle

By Niya Tanielle
Special to Inside The Pew

My former co-worker had been married for seven years. Being raised Hindu, she married her Christian husband at 18, and surprisingly there wasNiya Tenielle no talk of the difference in religion with her deep rooted Hindu family. Seven years later, her family is no longer practicing Hinduism, but are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Wow, what a difference. And here I was in a relationship with another Christian that was proving difficult to maintain.

Why was the relationship not working? Denomination. Spiritual conversations that were supposed to uplift, enlighten, and create a sense of fellowship, turned into World War III with screaming, telephone hang-ups, and irrational break-ups that would last hours, and sometimes days. I’ve never had so many fights about the interpretation of Bible scriptures in my life. I found myself saying things like, “You sound stupid!..”, and asking, “Does that scripture make any sense to you?”, and my favorite, “Your reading that scripture all wrong!” Needless to say that soon we had lost the lovin’ feeling. A Hindu and Christian have a seemingly “happy” marriage, and two Christians can’t get it together?

He was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, who even though he called himself a “liberal Adventist”, our teachings were completely different. I am classified as, what some call, a New Testament Christian, believing in speaking confessions and using my mouth to shape my future (Isaiah 55:11), speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4), and resting in the promises of God (Matthew 11:28-29, Colossians 2:16-17), not an old covenant practice of a physical Sabbath day in the Ten Commandments. For him, Exodus 20 is one of the foundations of his faith, and he had no understanding of what confessions were, among other things.

This difference destroyed any plans we had of building a future. Through all the fighting, I held out some shred of hope that we could compromise, learn from each other, and find a happy medium. He was everything I told God I wanted, and some of the great things I forgot to add. We, unknowingly, represented the church as a whole, and played out how the church has been fighting itself for centuries. Pastor against pastor, small storefronts against the mega churches, and I have yet to find a place in the Bible where a demon is fighting against another demon. Hell is on one accord, ladies and gentleman, while God is waiting on us to lead with the same agape love he has shown us.

Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. Christian love, distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.

We didn’t shine our light before each other; we simply argued point after point. Stop trying to convince people to see God the way you see Him. It’s a waste of time. God will finish His work, not you (Philippians 1:6). You are a believer, NOT a debater of the Hebrew version of this, and the Greek translation of that. I don’t know anyone who truly cares. People care about your heart, your motives, and a Jesus that’s available to deliver them out of their mess.

I see now we had different aspects to offer each other, and we were in a position to be the best teachers. Maybe if we learned this lesson early, our budding romance could have been salvaged. Lesson learned. What aspects of religion have caused you to lose out on the growth of a relationship, either with God or people? I’d like to hear from you!

Niya Tanielle is editor in chief of The Journey Suite, a Christian-based news site for women. Visit