Children’s Bible app soon available in multiple languages

By Jacob Trimmer
Inside The Pew

Easter is just around the corner, and 4Soils is doing its part to make sure children all around the world can learn about the

Thanks to generous donations, the 4Soils' Bible Heroes app will be able to translate their biblically bases apps into multiple languages.

Thanks to generous donors, the 4Soils’ Bible Heroes app will be able to translate its biblically based apps into multiple languages.

life of our Savior.

Lusi Chien, founder of the series of Bible Heroes apps, announced last week the children’s Bible app producer has reached the initial goal of raising $5,000 in its Kickstarter campaign.

“Only 6 percent of the world speaks English but many children don’t know the love of Jesus,” Chien said. “Help us change that by allowing us to reach them via our apps. Currently, the 4Soils apps have been already downloaded in more than 90 countries around the world.”

The $5,000 raised will allow for 4Soils to translate the eight apps into one language, one app into eight languages, or several apps into several languages.

Because of its success, Chien said the company has adjusted its goal and is aiming to raise another $5,000 to translate 10 more apps, bringing the total to 18 apps.

“This has been a project that’s near and dear to our hearts.  Ever since we launched, people have asked us if we planned on making it available in their language, and our answer has been we’d love to but we just don’t have the resources right now.  We’re looking for others who want to join us as “sowers” to get the seeds of truth out to children everywhere!”

With $5,000, Chien said 4Soils can modify the programming infrastructure of the company’s two series of apps to allow for multiple languages. Bible Heroes includes the stories of Noah, David, Daniel, Jonah, Esther, and Joseph. Life of Jesus features His virgin birth, baptism, miracles, the last supper, and resurrection. Chien said the last two apps in the Life of Jesus series will be available by Easter. Furthermore, the funds raised will allow 4Soils to translate a total of eight apps in several languages. 4Soils is not only looking for funding to translate the apps, but also volunteers to help with the translation, narration, and marketing in various countries, which will bring the cost down and allow for more translations.

A successful campaign for Kickstarter rests on backers meeting 100 percent of 4Soils’ funding amount. Therefore, if the funding goal is not met, Kickstarter will not secure funds from backers’ payment choice. It is all or nothing. Every dollar counts, and pledge amounts are never displayed to the public unless a backer does so themselves.

Pledeges will be accepted through April 2. To make a pledge for the 4Soils campaign, visit


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