Former NBA player praises God for ‘working things out’

By Jonathan Bender
Special to Inside The Pew

Editor’s note: Jonathan Bender is a former NBA player (Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks). He is founder of JB Intensive, a health and wellness company. Bender is also founder of The Jonathan Bender Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit organization.

Why did you create your business?

“I am a former NBA player and I come from a very small town and never had any examples of real wealth creation before. Once IJonathan Bender realized that even though I was getting paid a lot of money to play ball I did not have a long term process or strategy for wealth creation. The only way to create capacity is through owning something and starting from the ground, getting your hands dirty and learning the steps of building a solid business that will give you what you’re looking for.”

What is the one scripture (or two) that you draw strength from?

“There is not one exact scripture that I draw strength from. I renew my mind on a daily basis by reading and listening to the word of God. I don’t mean just opening the Bible and start reading, but focusing on what we are struggling with at the moment and either listen to a Podcast or a scripture that relates to that subject so you can draw new strength to continue your journey.”

Share the best advice you can share with an entrepreneur?

“Let God be your business partner. He knows the problems before they come; and He already has the solution, embrace the problems God puts problems in our life’s to teach us and make us stronger. It’s our job to press forward and keep passing the test.”

 Have an interesting tidbit about your business or yourself that you would like to add?  

“Ever since I embraced God as the driver of my life car and as my business partner, things are happening without my effort at all; mySingle leg lunge from JB Intensive job is to do what I can and be focused in the moment. He has worked things out for me, and the moment I asked God for what I wanted out of life it was already done. So, do not be fearful embrace struggle that is the teacher and the testimony. In the end, there will be no one else that deserves the glory but him!”

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