ChristianWorks for Children spells family business

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Editor’s note: From the Inside The Pew archives; run date July 20, 2009.

By Jennifer Paul
Inside The Pew

DALLAS – How important is the role of a Christ-centered family in the life of a child? One Dallas-based ministry believes it is essential.

“(Family) was the first institution created by God,” said Rob […] Continue Reading…

Inside The Pew to cater to Christian literature enthusiasts

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By Jacob Trimmer
Inside The Pew

Do you enjoy reading and writing Christian literature?

Inside The Pew is set to launch a portion of its web magazine that will target Christian writers and authors.

Grelan Muse, founder of Inside The Pew, said the section will provide new and established Christian writers with another […] Continue Reading…

New documentary explores debate over doctrine of Hell

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By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

SANTA MONICA, Calif.– “Hellbound?” a much-anticipated feature-length documentary, is an in-depth look at today’s

highly contentious debate over the Christian doctrine of eternal punishment. Does hell really exist, and if so, what factors determine who ends up there?

According to a news release, the recent release […] Continue Reading…

Nearly 10,000 gather to hear Will Graham speak at Texas celebrations

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Special to Inside The Pew

Approximately 9,475 Texans heard inspiring messages of forgiveness, hope and purpose from evangelist Will Graham as he held the Red River Will Graham Celebration in Gainesville, March 16-18, and the Trinity Valley Will Graham Celebration in Terrell, March 23-25. More than 400 came forward at […] Continue Reading…

Hughes: Whither Tebow?

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By Paul Hughes
Special to Inside The Pew

Editor’s note: The views in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Inside The Pew staff.

So the question now is whether the future holds a place for Tim Tebow in the NFL.

Well my goodness they […] Continue Reading…