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Shine, Jesus, Shine: Allow children to celebrate Easter’s significance

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The Sparkle Egg by Jill Hardie

By Tonya Whitaker
Inside The Pew

The death, burial, and resurrection Jesus Christ can be a difficult concept to explain to children – especially when the world has The Sparkle Egg by Jill Hardiemade Easter into a holiday about bunnies.

Within “The Sparkle Egg” (Ideals Children’s Books, $16.99) by Jill Hardie is the beautiful story of God’s grace when we make missteps. Young Sam tells his parents a lie and his parents forgiven for his misdeed. To help the young boy understand the true meaning of forgiveness, his parents suggest he create a Sparkle Egg, write what brings him shame on slips of paper, and place the slips into this ornate egg.

On Easter morning, Sam awakes to find the slips of paper he had placed in the egg have disappeared. The moral of this story: once you ask God for forgiveness, you should not hold on to bad feelings. Allow yourself to live your life’s full potential. 1 John 1:9 reads, “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sings and purify your from all unrighteousness” (NIV).

Equally important is the egg is a symbol of the empty tomb found on the first Easter. Hardie shows that believers can still teacher our children the meaning of Easter, despite the incomplete truth floating around this time of the year. Children can still dye eggs, but it up to parents to add present accurate lessons for children to grasp. At the end of the book, Hardie gives children the opportunity to create their own Sparkle Egg.

Lydia, second grader from Dallas, said she “likes how Jesus tells him not to tell a lie. Sometimes you make mistakes and you can fix them. I like the story and the pictures.

She can thank illustrator Christine Kornacki for the intricate and captivating artistry.

“The Sparkle Egg” is written for children’s reading pleasure; but, the story reminds adults too of God’s perfect grace.

Aglow with love for Christ

Egglo Entertainment, based in Simi Valley, Calif., has found a way for egg hunt organizers to brighten up things, literally.Egglo Eggs

The company recently launched a product line of glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs known as Egglo Eggs. Founder Darcie Cobos said she strives to incorporate the Christian message of Easter into a family friendly glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. She also wants children of all ages to fully understand the sacrifice of Jesus and the hope of His rebirth in a fun and exciting way.

“A few years ago, I worked with my church’s children’s director on a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt. We managed to pack the house like never before, and the children were beside themselves with anticipation and excitement!” Cobos said. “I knew that I had to share this success with parents and religious educators to change the way children learn the message of Jesus through the Easter story.”

Cobos said Egglo Eggs are made of safe phosphorescent material that can be used over and over again simply by charging them in either sun or artificial light. A curriculum, known as The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, accompanies the product too. This material consists of a beautifully illustrated book explaining the meaning behind the eggs, a DVD, and a professional audio version of the book.

“I set out to share this idea with parents and teachers after discovering that there were no other glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs available,” said Cobos. “The Egglo Eggs Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is such a tremendous program that truly comes from the Lord.”

Find out more information about Egglo Entertainment at http://EggloEggs.com/