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A survivor’s story

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By Trenika Batiste
Special to Inside The Pew

My biggest fear is dying before I have even had the chance to live. To me, living life is not about the amount of years one ages

on Earth but about how you live each day. Did I leave my mark…did I pierce someone’s heart?  How would I be remembered and how soon will I be forgotten; those are my worrywarts.  I am seeking opportunity and not waiting for it to knock. I dream that one day my passion will provide the way for me to get paid to do what my soul desires; to write.

Stage plays, poetry, short stories, children’s books…wherever the road leads me.  The writing ability that I possess is God-given. Sometimes I impress myself.  There are moments when I read something that I have written and am in complete awe just thinking, “Where did those words come from?”  And at the same time, I’m answering… “Those words came from God.”  For He has shown me a tremendous amount of favor, in my heart I am forever grateful.  I strive to live in His presence for He knows what lies ahead of me.  He is the head of my life. I put Him first so that I am able to walk confidently, blindly without knowing what tomorrow holds.  I trust God with my life, I trust Him with my soul.  Life Goes On is a poetry book that was written to awaken today’s generation.  From a mirror’s reflection stands our only excuse.  Not everyone is the same, but if we can get everyone on the same page…it will be like the day of Pentecost in the Bible days, Life Goes On.  The following piece A Survivor’s Story is based on my aunt’s victory with breast cancer and how, with God on her side, Satan was defeated.

A Survivor’s Story

The thought came,

Call your aunty and have her to explain.

Give her an interview.


Write about what she went through.


Being obedient I picked up my phone,

Called my aunty, who happened to be at home,

Made arrangements to hear her story,

Speaking to me, there was no hurry.


The interview begins…

As she converse

From the beginning to the end.

She speaks:


I had no symptoms

And it was not a bump.

But what I felt was a lump.

Inflammation right across my chest

And here goes my test.


I was worried and stressed,

Tensed and completely distressed.

The devil attempted to instill in my mind

Not to worry because I was doing fine.

However being strong minded,

I still scheduled a doctor’s appointment.


October 31st was the analysis,

To find out the mysterious,

The unknown,

And the nameless.

The doctor had completed the biopsy, my examination.


Scared…shaking as a leaf on the tree.

It was November 2nd when he revealed the outcome to  me.


My heart was racing.

My emotions ran wild.

Doc says it’s cancerous

And it was a river that I cried.


I could’ve hit the floor.

I couldn’t take it any more.

Though my husband was with me,

I still needed spiritual support.


Stating my options,

Like a cop reading Miranda rights.

Bumpy, bump, bump, bump…my heart dropped.

Option #1

Was to remove the lump,

Option #2

Was to take the entire breast out,

Option #3

Was Chemotherapy,

My heart yet beating

Bumpy, bump, bump, bump.


Departing the hospital,

I looked up to God.

I placed this cancer in his hands.

I had to give Him my all.

I arrived at work.

I had plans to tell my boss.

I walked into his office.

But not a word came out.


For I was in denial about my state:

Me, I, Bobbie have cancer?

Words I never thought I’d say.



I just stood there…

Crying and weeping, I stood there.

Traumatized and disturbed, I stood there.

Lost and broken, I stayed there

Just emotional.


Finally I settled down

And told them what I had just found out.

Understanding, Sympathetic,

Concerned and Compassionate,

To leave or to stay…it was my alternative.


Not giving Satan the victory,

I decided to stay.

And everyone I saw…I told them to pray.


Pray for me…regardless of your age.

Pray for me…I don’t care about your race.

Pray for me… if you can pray.

Pray for me…because I need your prayers.


November 8,

Marked my surgery date.

Family and friends filled the hospital with their presents.

Under the knife,

I knew they were praying.


Hours later…

The doctor gave an update.

My lymph nodes were fine;

The cancer did not spread.


Taking Chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 3 months,

I lost my hair.

I craved certain things;

Other things I couldn’t eat… all apart of Chemotherapy.


But through it all God kept me.

I made it through.

Now I can tell it.


Small things are worth losing

In order to maintain

Or to remain living.

Which is the big picture!

So take my hair!

Take my breast!


I don’t care!

I’m still here!


This clock has not stopped clicking.

Ima still a ticking.

I ain’t worried about Duracell

Because I have Jesus cells in me.

My husband didn’t leave me

In spite of what chemo did me.

I’m still blessed.

And I’m still among the living.

I’m a survivor !

I’m a survivor!

I’m a survivor!

Do you hear me?


Trenika L. Batiste is a motivational speaker and author of “Life Goes On: Collected Book of Poems.” The Amite, La., resident is founder of Trenika Batiste Productions. Contact her at trenika@tbatisteproductions.com.

Knowing the difference

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By Pastor Grelan A. Muse
Inside The Pew

When I was a boy growing up in Amite, La., my siblings and I had friends that would come over and play. We would always like to play games, especially with the ones we hadn’t seen in a long time. Calling myself funny, I would love to trick the younger kids. The older buds would not fall for it, but the less experienced children would. The question was, “If you had to believe in someone would it be

Grelan Muse

Satan or the devil?”  My brothers and sisters would stand around that kid looking and waiting for the answer so we all can laugh and talk about it to others.

Not comprehending the difference, the kid would stand there thinking, and he would say “Satan.” We would laugh at the answer provided and every time we seen that kid, we would make fun of him until it was not funny anymore. I believe some of us are just like that kid – confused. They don’t know the difference between loving the things of the world and the love of the Father.

At first, I didn’t understand why we allow our kids to walk around with their pants below their waist, let the youth get tattoos on their body and just about every youth that you see wants to rap. This is the ways of the world. Christian parents are working hard to buy the pants and shirts for the youth to wear, giving them money to buy music and all other things of the world. So this is why one kid kills another for the shoes that is on his feet. Parents cry and tell the youth that they work hard to give them the things they want and they repay them by disrespecting them by talking back and not going to church and getting involved in drugs and alcohol. But there is one thing the Bible says about worldly love. In 1 John 2:15-16, the author says, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

When it comes to the Scripture, it is a clear-cut line. Some Christian parents try to keep their children up with the Joneses when God doesn’t want this for anyone. Instill in your children that things of the world are not the true treasures to strive for. Make the Almighty the ultimate gift. Lust of the flesh and eyes divides homes and families. Pride of life drives corporations into the ground. All these misfortunes are not an imagination of one’s mind. These things are not of the Father, and we need to avoid them at all costs.

I go back to the young child back in Amite, La., who was fooled mainly because he didn’t know better. My fellow Christians, don’t be blinded by Satan. Ignorance is not bliss. Stand behind the truth. What might look good isn’t always what it seems. I heard a sermon one time that being a God-fearing person is one of the hardest things. We are bombarded with images and news that takes away from God’s law. What are we to believe? Remember, culture changes. God’s word doesn’t. Amen.

Grelan A. Muse Sr. is founder of Emanuel and The Mainline Ministries Inc.. and Inside The Pew, a nonprofit organization based in Baton Rouge, La. Follow him on Twitter @gremuse.