Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer writer for Inside The Pew. Over the years, we have been blessed to have some of the best writers use Inside The Pew as an avenue to spread the Gospel to people all around the world. In order for us to maintain our strict editorial standards visitors come to expect from us, our editorial board carefully considers each applicant.

In order to consider your request, each candidate must understand the Christian core values we have established for writers and editorial supervisors associated with our publication:

  • Have the highest view of God (Jeremiah 10:6-7)
  • Thirst to know God through His Word (Psalm 42:1-2)
  • Submit to God’s authority (Romans 13:1)
  • Recognize we are all sinners (Romans 3:23)
  • Know that Christ is the son of God (Matthew 16:16)
  • Conform to Christ (Romans 8:29)

Below are our general writing requirements:

  • Stories are to run between 200-600 words.
  • All columns must include biblical references to allow the reader to understand the point you are trying to get across. This is not required for feature stories.
  • Consistency helps you build an audience.
  • Proofread columns before submission. While we do have a copy editor on staff, we do not re-write submissions, and we reserve the right not to run the piece if extensive editing is required. We also reserve the right to trim stories that exceed our word-count requirement.
  • All columnists must include a photo and a short bio (no more than 50 words) that describes your expertise in your topic to readers. Feel free to include links to your website, blog, company, ministry, and social media networks.
  • Upon publishing your story, each writer is encouraged to share their story on their social media networks and subscribe to receive story updates to your email box. We will do the same for you. No longer want to receive emails from us? Make sure to follow the directions to unsubscribe in your introductory email.


With all this said, are you still interested in writing? Email us your submission to God bless you, and we look forward reading your inspirational columns and stories.

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