Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivilin announced separate congratulatory messages on Sunday to president-elect Joe Biden on his victory over incumbent Donald Trump.

benjamin netanyahu prime minister of israel
Benjamin Netanyahu

According to The Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu inserted remarks on the U.S. elections results before a cabinet meeting, stating, “I have a personal, long and warm connection with Joe Biden for nearly 40 years, and I know him to be a great friend of the State of Israel.”

The prime minister also thanked Trump “for the great friendship he showed to the State of Israel and to me, personally.”

Since Netanyahu built a strong relationship with Trump, reports began to surface last week that Netanyahu would not be welcome to working with Biden especially after the lukewarm relationship Netanyahu experienced with President Barack Obama. During Biden’s time as vice president, the president-elect had planned to renew interest in the Iran nuclear deal and criticize the country’s settlement in the West Bank. Thankfully, for Netanyahu, Trump didn’t engage in policies that hurt Israel.

“I praise him for his recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan, for his standing up to Iran, for the historic peace treaties and for bringing the alliance between Israel and the US to unprecedented heights. Thank you, President Trump,” Netanyahu said.

Upon learning of Biden’s projected win, Israel President Reuven Rivilin echoed Netanyahu. On Nov. 7, released a recorded congratulatory message to Biden and vice-president elect, Kamala Harris. 

“Mr. President-elect, as a long-standing friend of Israel, you are now the leader of the free world and of the State of Israel’s closest and most important ally.”

“The strategic alliance between our two countries and peoples is stronger than any political leadership, and is not based solely on friendship. It is rooted deeply in our shared values and in our long-standing commitment to freedom and democracy as the foundations of our societies.

Rivilin concluded his message by thanking Trump for “strengthening Israel’s security” during his term as the 45th president and Americans for their support and friendship. 

“I have no doubt that our special relations and multifaceted cooperation will continue to flourish and grow in the future,” he said.

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