What is systemic racism? Systemic racism occurs within a government that uses money from people of influence to elect government officials who will promote their agendas.

For example, Margaret Sanger, a renowned racist and eugenicist, helped to promote an agenda of genocide which included birth control to what she considered to be the less needed communities of people on the planet. In her own words, Sanger said that colored people were like “human weeds” who needed to be exterminated.

Here’s another example. Then Senator Joe Biden helped to escalate marijuana from being a misdemeanor to a federal offense in order to incarcerate low hanging fruit that included the Black communities.

Systemic racism sometimes works through efforts of population control. There are many examples of systemic racism. For example, when America was seeking independence from Britain, the soldiers gave Native Americans blankets infested with smallpox to reduce the communities of the Native American Communities. That was population control. That was systemic racism.

What is the answer to ending systemic racism or racism in general? The answer is simple but yet hard to achieve. The answer is love, specifically, agape love.

Agape love is unconditional love. It is a pure, willful, sacrificial love. It is the kind of love that God has for His children; you and me; all of us. It is the kind of love we should all be striving to achieve.

alveda king ministries founder
Alveda King

If we all had agape love in our hearts, then the word racism would disappear from our vocabularies because in order for racism to exist there would have to be different races that hated each other. Until it is definitively determined that aliens (not as in immigration) exist and are visiting our planet, there is only one human race on this planet.

Acts 17:26 says, “Of one Blood, GOD made all humans to dwell together on the face of the earth.” We are not different races, but one race; one human race.

Yes, we have different skin colors, but that does not denote race; that denotes ethnicity; from the womb to the tomb.

When wanting to let others know that someone is not a racist, some say that they are colorblind. They want people to know that they do not see anyone as a Black, white, yellow, or whatever color person. In reality, the state of colorblindness is a medical condition. If you are colorblind then you need a doctor. Jesus adds sight to the blind.

When we don’t see the color of other human beings, we don’t see their beauty and their God-given ethnicity that they represent; all the culture, all the history, all the values. God made us all in living color.

When we deny the ethnicities and identity of others, we commit identity theft.

We must not be colorblind. My friend Ginger Howard and I, we are not colorblind. In fact, we’re so not colorblind that we collaborated on a book to share our stories. Please read the book.

Alveda King is the founder of Alveda King Ministries. She is the daughter of slain civil rights activist the Rev. A.D. King and niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Currently, Alveda is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serving as Pastoral Associate for Civil Rights for The Unborn, Priests for Life.

International Mens Day, or IMD, has advocated for men to laugh stronger, live longer. Now, in its 19th year, on Nov. 19, more than 80 countries will stand strong behind the organization’s call.

This year’s theme, according to Warwick Marsh, a coordinator organization, said this year’s theme, “Better Health for Men and Boys,” is integral to its mission to help individuals, families, churches, communities, small business and corporates, including NGOs and Government work towards better health for men and boys.

International Mens Day poster

“We want to promote the need to value men and boys and help people make practical improvements in men and boy’s health and well-being.”

Marsh, a resident of Australia, said IMD encourages men to lead by example. Boys need positive male role models. Our broader community also needs positive male role models. The social Science research shows that when men as fathers aspire to better health their children do the same.

Coach Michael Taylor, regional coordinator for International Mens Day for the state of Texas, told Inside The Pew he is scheduled to provide a keynote presentation at their virtual conference this Thursday, Nov. 19. His talk, titled “A New Conversation With Men,” is based on his book of the same title.

Coach Michael Taylor

Taylor will share the five illusions of manhood that cause the majority of pain and suffering in a man’s life. He will also reveal how men can wake up from the illusions and live extraordinary lives.

“I believe the greatest challenge facing our world today is redefining manhood and masculinity. By providing men with resources and mentoring that supports them in recognizing how the old paradigm of masculinity no longer works, we can eradicate a wide range of social ills like senseless acts of violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, and suicide. This is the reason I support International Mens Day and why I’ve chosen to be a part of its annual celebration.”

Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, founder of International Mens Day, from Trinidad & Tobago said: “International Mens Day has the potential to become the global medium to heal our world. The concept and themes of International Men’s Day are designed to give hope to the depressed, faith to the lonely, comfort to the broken-hearted, transcend barriers, eliminate stereotypes, and create a more caring humanity.

“I and the team at International Men’s Day encourage you to plan to celebrate International Mens Day and to wish everyone a happy International Mens Day on Thursday the 19 November.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivilin announced separate congratulatory messages on Sunday to president-elect Joe Biden on his victory over incumbent Donald Trump.

benjamin netanyahu prime minister of israel
Benjamin Netanyahu

According to The Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu inserted remarks on the U.S. elections results before a cabinet meeting, stating, “I have a personal, long and warm connection with Joe Biden for nearly 40 years, and I know him to be a great friend of the State of Israel.”

The prime minister also thanked Trump “for the great friendship he showed to the State of Israel and to me, personally.”

Since Netanyahu built a strong relationship with Trump, reports began to surface last week that Netanyahu would not be welcome to working with Biden especially after the lukewarm relationship Netanyahu experienced with President Barack Obama. During Biden’s time as vice president, the president-elect had planned to renew interest in the Iran nuclear deal and criticize the country’s settlement in the West Bank. Thankfully, for Netanyahu, Trump didn’t engage in policies that hurt Israel.

“I praise him for his recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan, for his standing up to Iran, for the historic peace treaties and for bringing the alliance between Israel and the US to unprecedented heights. Thank you, President Trump,” Netanyahu said.

Upon learning of Biden’s projected win, Israel President Reuven Rivilin echoed Netanyahu. On Nov. 7, released a recorded congratulatory message to Biden and vice-president elect, Kamala Harris. 

“Mr. President-elect, as a long-standing friend of Israel, you are now the leader of the free world and of the State of Israel’s closest and most important ally.”

“The strategic alliance between our two countries and peoples is stronger than any political leadership, and is not based solely on friendship. It is rooted deeply in our shared values and in our long-standing commitment to freedom and democracy as the foundations of our societies.

Rivilin concluded his message by thanking Trump for “strengthening Israel’s security” during his term as the 45th president and Americans for their support and friendship. 

“I have no doubt that our special relations and multifaceted cooperation will continue to flourish and grow in the future,” he said.

Americans are not alone in their intense wait for the result of the 2020 presidential election.

Israelian officials, known for their bipartisan relationship with recent U.S. presidents, are preparing for Donald Trump’s second term or Joe Biden’s new administration.

According to The Times of Israel, “senior sources in Jerusalem,” told Israel’s Channel 12 they are predicting a Biden victory. Oddly, station officials said the same anonymous sources predicted a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016. Predictions aside, the circumstances all involved are preparing for the unknown.

“We will work with whoever wins,” said Danny Danon, who has served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations throughout President Donald Trump’s first term. “[Israel] has a long history of partnerships and bonds with the US, based on our common values.”

Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump
Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

Dannon told The Jewish Journal, “If [Democratic nominee Joe] Biden wins, it will take some time to build that relationship. I was there when Trump won. It takes time to put people in place and for them to learn the issues; it’s a long transitional process. But we will work well with both candidates.”

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, said in a radio interview that he is praying for a Trump victory.

“In the last four years, he has shown true friendship with the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” Deri said. He added, “Biden is also a friend of Israel, but if, God forbid, Trump is not elected, I know who will be happy: The Iranians, Hezbollah, Hamas and others.”

Benjamin Netanyahu with israel flag behind him
Benjamin Netanyahu

On Nov. 1, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lauded Trump’s U.S. policies but did not speak specifically of the presidential election. The alliance between the two countries “has never been stronger” and pointed to the vast steps Trump has made that favors Israel.

Netanyahu told The Associated Press the Trump administration has been tough on toward Iran, recognition of contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, the tolerant approach toward Israeli settlements and the recent diplomatic pacts between Israel and three Arab countries.

“I can only hope that this policy that brings, that isolates Iran and brings the fruits of peace, peace grounded in reality to the people of Israel, to the Arab peoples of the region, I can only hope that this policy will continue in the coming years,” Netanyahu said.

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, conservative Christians are sending a crucial message: remain steadfast in prayer, stand up for His principles (Matthew 5:16), and vote.

Bishop Aubrey Shines: Division is not the answer

Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder of Conservative Clergy of Color, said race and the violent riots of this past summer will factor into presidential election. Under the leadership of Bishop Shines, CCC has been relentlessly pushing back against the anti-American narrative of Critical Race Theory and historical falsehoods like “The 1619 Project” being pushed by the Black Lives Matter movement and its allies.

Bishop Aubrey Shines is founder of Conservative Clergy of Color
Bishop Aubrey Shines

“This year has seen a violent, Marxist collective rear its head and turn what began as legitimate calls for police reform into an aggressive campaign to fundamentally restructure our country. They call themselves Black Lives Matter, but they’ve burned the property and businesses of Black and Whites alike and maligned any Blacks who stray from their narrative,” Shines said.

“As we’ve moved closer to Election Day, it’s become clear they will not stop using intimidation tactics to get what they want. Whatever the outcome of this election, we must come together as our forebears of the Civil Rights era did to constructively change laws and policy. It is my fervent hope and prayer we can reconcile in spite of our differences to create a more perfect union as described in our Constitution.”

Dan Celia: The economy is facing uncertainty, but the Lord has the election under control

PHILADELPHIA – Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia encourages Christian Patriots to vote prayerfully and remember Who is in charge.

“Certainly on the eve of one of the most important elections in the nation’s history, we have a lot of things we could be thinking about both economically and politically, that is for sure,” said Celia, who hosts the syndicated show Financial Issues  “This is a day for American Patriots, born again Patriots, to get up, put their prayers on and put their attitude of battling for the Lord on. Waiting in line, sitting in line, we’re doing what is necessary to make sure our vote is cast.

Dan Celia hosts Financial Issues show through Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries
Dan Celia

“We go to the polls with a sense of boldness and unwavering steadfastness, for we know for certain that the Lord is in this election, as He is all elections, as He is in all things.”

Celia notes that uncertainty is not the best situation for the economy. He said regardless of a Trump re-election or a Biden victory, the economy is going to struggle.

“Markets don’t like uncertainty. Right now, there is uncertainty as to when a decision will be made. Will it be three days, three weeks? Will it be immediately?”

“The question is – how quickly will they deteriorate under new leadership, or how much stronger can they get under the current leadership? All of this means volatility and uncertainty. It’s why we sit tight as far as markets go and stand and walk firmly in our patriotism and with our vote.”

Jonathan Cahn Calls for Day of Prayer and Fasting on Election Day

Jonathan Cahn, author of is this year’s runaway bestseller, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” Cahn is calling on all Americans to pray and fast on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, given the very high stakes for the country after a dramatic year of what Cahn calls “the shakings” – something for which his book, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” provides prophetic, biblical explanations.

“This year of 2020 has been a most pivotal year. Now we stand at the precipice, approaching the most pivotal election of our lifetime,” says Cahn. “It will determine the future of this nation and even of the world.”

Adds Cahn ominously, “This election will either extend the window of grace America has to return to the Lord—or it will shut that window and seal its departure from God and its progression to judgment. For those who know the biblical template of national judgment I have written of in my ‘Harbinger’ books, the danger of judgment coming to America is very real.” Cahn believes “our national fabric is in danger of unraveling.”

Jonathan Cahn best selling author
Jonathan Cahn

For these reasons, Cahn says that “beyond voting at the ballot box, the most powerful thing we can do is to vote in the presence of God with prayers and intercession. Therefore, I am compelled to call for a Day of Prayer and Fasting on the exact day of decision – Nov. 3, 2020. Let us make this Election Day, the day of God’s election, the Day of Prayer and Fasting.”

“If we do nothing to oppose the darkness, to shine the light, then we will be accountable before God, for the fate of the lost, for the next generation, and for the blood of millions. If you are able to vote,” he says, directly addressing Americans, “you must.”