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By Jane Reed
Special to Inside The Pew

Eve’s original sin defined the way we sin today. There is a sequence to her sin that has resonated through the ages and continues to this day in each of us.  Notice how Eve sinned: SIGHT: Eve saw that the tree was good. She saw the fruit and it looked good. PLEASUREABLE: She gazed at the tree.  She really wanted that fruit.  She began to lust over the fruit. TAKE: It was not enough to

Jane Reed

look at the tree; she had to have the fruit on that tree, so she took it. COVER: Eve and Adam attempted to cover their guilt and shame form the Lord with fig leaves. This sequence is set in motion each time we give into sin.  We see it, it looks good, and whether right or wrong we take it and then we attempt to cover our guilt to ease our conscience.

Amazing isn’t it?  Every sin we commit follows along these guidelines. Knowing this sequence of events can increase our awareness when facing sin. When we accepted Christ we became filled with His Holy Spirit and with that filling came discernment and strength. It is through the Holy Spirit that we can become aware of temptation and recognize the sin sequence of events when it begins to take place. We can then pull on the strength of the Lord to stop the sequence before it continues any further.

Notice the sequence and discernment in this example:

A woman enters a clothing store and begins to admire the clothing. Everything in the store is beautiful, but one piece of clothing catches her eye. She cannot take her eyes off the blouse. She picks it up and admires it. She really wants this blouse but does not have

the money to purchase it.  She becomes tempted to steal the blouse. It would be easy to put it in her purse and walk out as the sales lady is nowhere in sight and there are no cameras. She begins to feel discernment in her heart.  The idea of taking the blouse without paying begins to bother her.  It’s not right and she knows it.

This story can have two different endings. One, she puts the blouse back and leaves the store without it. Two, she steals the blouse.  In the first ending she has successfully listened to the discernment of the Holy Spirit and in the second she has ignored it. What would your ending be?

In the simplest of temptations to the strongest of temptations, the Holy Spirit dwells within us to guide our actions.  We do not have to follow the sequence Eve created; we can break it and make right choices.  When you are faced with temptations, take a moment to listen to the Holy Spirit and make your choices based upon how your actions will show glory to God.

Jane Reed, a Louisiana resident, is the founder of Blessed Life Ministries (http://www.blessedlifeministries.com/) and the Editor-in-Chief of Blessed Life Magazine. Jane founded Blessed Life Ministries for the purpose of spreading the word of God so that others can feel the beauty and blessing of God in their lives. It is her prayer that this ministry will touch each person, whom it comes in contact with, allowing God’s word to penetrate their souls, bringing them to a closer walk with Christ.



  1. I am so proud of my niece,Jane. I have watched her grow into a beautiful woman with a gentle spirit. Her dad, (my brother) is smiling down on her from Heaven!! Amen on the articles she writes!


  2. Jane – I really enjoyed your article. I would like to add one additional concept that has helped me resist sin when I am in the situation similar to the one you described in your article. Many people tend to be tempted by the same blouse situation over and over. So, we can actually take an inventory (in a sense) of those situations and have plan of what we will do in that situation. For me, if I rely upon spontaneously figuring out a way to resist my temptations when they occur, I often find a way to rationalize my sin (at the moment). But if I have a plan of exactly what I am going to do when I am face with that temptation (to steal the blouse in your hypothetical), I am better able to implement my plan and resist the temptation. I am not an alcoholic, but I got this idea from a friend that is. He has a plan (call his sponsor) when he is tempted to drink. We can can have plan too, whatever our sin is.


  3. Diane, thank you so much for your kind words! You are so very right…once we give in it becomes harder and harder to resist!


  4. Paul, having a plan is always important! We never know when temptation is going to arise, and as you said, if we are spontaneous we can always find a rationalization! Have a plan in place keep sour armor strong and our ability to fight temptations continues to gain strength! Thanks so much for your reply!!


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