Americans are not alone in their intense wait for the result of the 2020 presidential election.

Israelian officials, known for their bipartisan relationship with recent U.S. presidents, are preparing for Donald Trump’s second term or Joe Biden’s new administration.

According to The Times of Israel, “senior sources in Jerusalem,” told Israel’s Channel 12 they are predicting a Biden victory. Oddly, station officials said the same anonymous sources predicted a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016. Predictions aside, the circumstances all involved are preparing for the unknown.

“We will work with whoever wins,” said Danny Danon, who has served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations throughout President Donald Trump’s first term. “[Israel] has a long history of partnerships and bonds with the US, based on our common values.”

Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump
Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

Dannon told The Jewish Journal, “If [Democratic nominee Joe] Biden wins, it will take some time to build that relationship. I was there when Trump won. It takes time to put people in place and for them to learn the issues; it’s a long transitional process. But we will work well with both candidates.”

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, said in a radio interview that he is praying for a Trump victory.

“In the last four years, he has shown true friendship with the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” Deri said. He added, “Biden is also a friend of Israel, but if, God forbid, Trump is not elected, I know who will be happy: The Iranians, Hezbollah, Hamas and others.”

Benjamin Netanyahu with israel flag behind him
Benjamin Netanyahu

On Nov. 1, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lauded Trump’s U.S. policies but did not speak specifically of the presidential election. The alliance between the two countries “has never been stronger” and pointed to the vast steps Trump has made that favors Israel.

Netanyahu told The Associated Press the Trump administration has been tough on toward Iran, recognition of contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, the tolerant approach toward Israeli settlements and the recent diplomatic pacts between Israel and three Arab countries.

“I can only hope that this policy that brings, that isolates Iran and brings the fruits of peace, peace grounded in reality to the people of Israel, to the Arab peoples of the region, I can only hope that this policy will continue in the coming years,” Netanyahu said.

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