By Jacob Trimmer
Inside The Pew

The Alliance for Children and Families, a Milwaukee-based human service nonprofit organization, has designated Nov. 18-24 as its annual National Family Week observance. Taking place each year during the week of Thanksgiving, National Family Week is an appropriate time to celebrate the individuals and organizations that bolster the chances of success for children, adults, and families.

National Family Week has been annually promoted by the Alliance for more than 40 years. Sam Wiley, who was a teacher and administrator in Indianapolis, Ind., founded National Family Week in 1968. The Alliance partnered with Wiley in the 1970s to promote the celebration among its members and the human-serving sector.

Susan Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance, links National Family Week and its celebration of families to nonprofit human-serving organizations, which strengthen families.

“The Alliance and its network, due to our leadership, creative connections, effective advocacy, and ability to engage communities, are working to magnify our impact because the economic constraints merit nothing less,” Dreyfus said. “Because National Family Week takes place during the week of Thanksgiving, it is a great time to say thanks to the individuals and organizations that help children, adults, and families.”

National Family Week is just one way the Alliance leads the human-serving sector to achieve transformational impact on the lives of people of all ages. The Alliance strives to lead its network of members and the entire sector to decrease the number of people living in poverty, increase the number of people living safe and healthy lives, and put more people onto pathways for educational and employment success.

In addition to observances during the week of Thanksgiving, National Family Week goals can be used to achieve long-term family- and community-strengthening objectives. Potential program objectives include:

  • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Dependable transportation
  • Applicable education and training
  • Affordable housing

By Jacob Trimmer
Inside The Pew

Do you enjoy reading and writing Christian literature?

Inside The Pew is set to launch a portion of its web magazine that will target Christian writers and authors.

Grelan Muse, founder of Inside The Pew, said the section will provide new and established Christian writers with another avenue to market their work.

“Our ultimate goal is to unite the body of Christ, and the writing talents of these authors is another means to meet the goal,” Muse said. “Judging by synopses we have received thus far, there’s a variety of topics covered in the books, from autobiographies to overcoming church hurt. Our readers will benefit from learning the stories of the authors regardless of the topic.”

Muse said the first review written by a Pew staff member is slated to premiere April 9. Until the premiere, there will be occasion preview reviews. Muse said a new work will be reviewed every other week. Author spotlights are available for a small tax-deductible donation to the ministry.

A section dedicated to short stories and poetry is also in the works, he said.

For consideration, email a synopsis or a press release, a photo of the book’s cover, and a photo of the author (f available) to For eBooks, submit a link to the work.