By Peter Caruso
Special to ASSIST News Service

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Can a woman find a loving and honorable husband? He is more to be desired than wealth or successful career. She will find purpose and fulfillment in their relationship. His love for her is like Christ’s sacrificial love, putting her needs before his own.

Realizing he will never really understand his wife, he strives to have an understanding attitude toward her. He makes it his life-long job to study her; aware that failing to do so hinders the effectiveness of his prayers. His words bring comfort and healing to her spirit, shaping her character by their affirmation of her strengths. He is attentive to her need for companionship, rest and personal fulfillment. He protects and nurtures her as a cherished treasure. He guards her against attacks from others and defends her from self-recrimination.

He works diligently at his career, knowing God rewards those who are faithful stewards. He develops his God-given talents; continuing to learn and refine his skills for the benefit of others. He is watchful for needs he can meet, careful not to seek recognition.

God showers blessings upon him for he prayerfully rules his household well. He resorts neither to dictatorship – giving his family orders, nor spectatorship – being present but uninvolved. Instead he carefully oversees the administration of his home. He guards against allowing friends or relatives holding priority over his friendship with his wife.

He makes his relationship with God his highest priority, above family and career. He seeks to provide leadership filled with God’s wisdom. His manner is gentle, courteous and peaceful. By modeling the Father’s heart he sets the stage for his children’s relationship with their heavenly Father. They know him as consistent-the same at home as before others. He allows for discussion and is willing to yield to others. He is full of mercy and good deeds.

One day his children will honor him, lauding his integrity and righteousness. He will enjoy the character of his grandchildren, observing the multiplication of godliness.

Together with the wife of his youth he will savor the fruit of a life of devotion and friendship with God.

Pete Caruso and his wife, Bev, have served the Lord together for more than 50 years. They have pastored two churches for 35 years. From those churches they sent more than 100 individuals into full-time Christian service. They have preached or taught in 35 countries: They recently coauthored: Keeping It Fresh-A Love that Keeps on Growing based on the Marriage Enrichment Seminars they team-teach. The Carusos continue to teach and preach. They can be contacted at: or visit their website:

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By Beverly Caruso
Special to ASSIST News Service

Can a man find an honorable and commendable wife? She is far more precious to him than wealth or status. He can trust

Beverly and Pete Caruso

confidently in her. She will so satisfy him, he will have no longing to turn to another. She will be an asset to him socially, spiritually, and vocationally.

She is a diligent worker at home and in her career. She shops wisely, looking for quality products she can afford. Early each morning she spends time alone with God, then plans the day’s tasks for herself and her children.

She is frugal with her time and energy, evaluating her current obligations before committing herself to new areas of responsibility. Through physical exercise she maintains fitness; through mental and spiritual discipline she gains wisdom to do all that is required of her.

Because she first takes care of her own household, frequently evaluating the results of her efforts, she is able to provide not only for her own family, but also share food and clothing for those in need. Her home is decorated with loving care, providing a haven for her family and guests.

With her many responsibilities, she still remembers she is first a homemaker. She is confident and fit, looking forward to the future. Drawing upon her relationship with God, she speaks only words of kindness, instruction, and healing.

Mindful that idleness encourages discontent, she disciplines her mind and spirit, even when providing rest and recreation for her body.

She knows that while her children are still young they are by nature self-centered; but that one day they will express their love and admiration for her.

Her husband also, will speak words of praise, “Compared to all the women of acclaim and renown, you my dear, are the loveliest of all. Though your outward beauty may one day fade, the radiance created by your love and devotion to God will shine forever. Any thinking person can see the fruitfulness of your life. And any one of worth can see your glory.”