By Peter Caruso
Special to ASSIST News Service

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Can a woman find a loving and honorable husband? He is more to be desired than wealth or successful career. She will find purpose and fulfillment in their relationship. His love for her is like Christ’s sacrificial love, putting her needs before his own.

Realizing he will never really understand his wife, he strives to have an understanding attitude toward her. He makes it his life-long job to study her; aware that failing to do so hinders the effectiveness of his prayers. His words bring comfort and healing to her spirit, shaping her character by their affirmation of her strengths. He is attentive to her need for companionship, rest and personal fulfillment. He protects and nurtures her as a cherished treasure. He guards her against attacks from others and defends her from self-recrimination.

He works diligently at his career, knowing God rewards those who are faithful stewards. He develops his God-given talents; continuing to learn and refine his skills for the benefit of others. He is watchful for needs he can meet, careful not to seek recognition.

God showers blessings upon him for he prayerfully rules his household well. He resorts neither to dictatorship – giving his family orders, nor spectatorship – being present but uninvolved. Instead he carefully oversees the administration of his home. He guards against allowing friends or relatives holding priority over his friendship with his wife.

He makes his relationship with God his highest priority, above family and career. He seeks to provide leadership filled with God’s wisdom. His manner is gentle, courteous and peaceful. By modeling the Father’s heart he sets the stage for his children’s relationship with their heavenly Father. They know him as consistent-the same at home as before others. He allows for discussion and is willing to yield to others. He is full of mercy and good deeds.

One day his children will honor him, lauding his integrity and righteousness. He will enjoy the character of his grandchildren, observing the multiplication of godliness.

Together with the wife of his youth he will savor the fruit of a life of devotion and friendship with God.

Pete Caruso and his wife, Bev, have served the Lord together for more than 50 years. They have pastored two churches for 35 years. From those churches they sent more than 100 individuals into full-time Christian service. They have preached or taught in 35 countries: They recently coauthored: Keeping It Fresh-A Love that Keeps on Growing based on the Marriage Enrichment Seminars they team-teach. The Carusos continue to teach and preach. They can be contacted at: or visit their website:

By Tonya Whitaker
Inside The Pew

Have you ever tried to sell something that you did not believe in 100 percent? People contend the best sellers are those who

can sell themselves out of a paper bag. But, what if these clever individuals lack the belief in the product? Are you less or more likely to purchase it? Business owner, I tell you today that you must be able to convey to your customers that you have a passion for your product. Forget about turning a buck so quickly, and get to the root of why God has called you to the world of entrepreneurship – to make someone else’s life better.

There are stories upon stories about entrepreneurs who have taken their desire to make a needed service into a profitable corporation. The one I enjoy reading is Tony Hsieh, CEO of, an online shoe and apparel store.  Legend has it that the inspiration of, which is based in Henderson, Nev., came about because Hsieh could not find a pair of brown Airwalks in the mall. Hsieh wanted everyone to have the chance to purchase the best brands. Better yet, the brands are never out of stock. Hseih did not have a passion for shoes, but he does have a passion for providing customers with exceptional customer service. I can attest to the quality of the company’s customer service.

In the business world, patience is often overlooked. Everybody wants to be first. Do not confuse patience with dragging your feet. Patience involves devising a detailed map or steps to achieve a goal. If you don’t practice patience in business, mistakes occur or opportunities are missed. The Bible says, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience” (Proverbs 19:11, NIV). Whenever you start to get in a rush to jump into a venture, think about your relationship with Christ. If you have ever brought a wayward child to Christ, you would understand. You plant seeds along the way, and the greatest reward is that person eventually accepts Christ in their heart. Just imagine if you would have thrown Christianity at them – would you have received the same end result? Plus, there is no timetable. You ask God to deliver the tools you need to make the gift He has given specifically to you to mature in time.

The calling to become an entrepreneur is not an easy one to us, but God placed it in your heart because He knows your abilities. Some of you might doubt yourself or others might attempt to channel their negative energy onto you, but God will make a way. I was one of those people who had no other choice but to let Him guide my steps. Prayer and mediation is a big part of what keeps me doing this entrepreneurial thing every day. Pray consistently. It is not the bank loan or the customers or clients that will keep you afloat, it is your devotion to the One who gave you the skill set to take the journey.

It is interesting how God places things in our hearts. The best advice is to never challenge His moves. The more you embrace and pray for Christ’s guidance in a business venture, the clearer the vision for you becomes. I always tell individuals who approach me about marketing, it the process is not one that takes place overnight. According to Entrepreneur magazine, the ideal strategic marketing takes at least six months. But the mindset is understandable. The world is the same way. But, as believers, we don’t have to replicate the world.

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