WASHINGTON – Pandemic: The Threshing of America argues that current medical, economic, and social crisis is God’s chastening on America because of the sin of abortion.

Pandemic, produced and written by Randall Terry, takes special aim at NewChristian Activist Randall Terry from the Buffalo News York City and Governor Andrew Cuomo for the economic crisis, hardship, and death rate in NYC, connecting the fact that NYC is the “abortion capital of America.” On Jan. 22, 2019, Cuomo signed a bill that “legalized” the killing of unborn babies through all nine months of pregnancy.

The film may be viewed for free in its entirety below.

The premise of Pandemic: The Threshing of America is that innocent blood cries out to God for vengeance; that God hears that cry, and that Sacred Scripture outlines the various ways that God chastens a nation that kills it’s children.

Pandemic is a highly produced documentary with an original music score, voice actors, and extensive images of Renaissance art that tells the story of God’s judgment. It takes the Scriptural themes of the Judgment of God on nations and applies them to today’s crisis in America,” said Terry.