By Paula Fellingham
Special to Inside The Pew

The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) is an online educational andimage003 social network and an on land global community of women in 152 countries. The WIN motto is: “We Are Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives.”

Why did you create your business?

I created The WIN because there is a rising and awakening of the women of the world that is more fast moving and far reaching than anything ever before experienced in the history of the world. The women are ready and yearning for our help. Experts worldwide are ready to share solutions for the challenges in women’s lives and we give them the global platform to do that, online (e-TV for Women) and on land (1,000 Global Women’s Summits being presented right now).

What is the one scripture (or two) that you draw strength from?

John 13:34, “As I have loved you, love one another.”

Share the best advice you can share with an entrepreneur?

Find your passion, learn how to monetize it, and share it with massive numbers of people.

Have an interesting tidbit about your business or yourself
that you would like to add?

The WIN is the fastest-growing global women’s network in the world. We have “Women of The WIN” in 152 countries.

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